PODRÓŻE W CZASIE: półkolonie letnie w Sherlocku



Posłuchaj mnie po angielsku

Julia Chicheł

Lektorka języka angielskiego
I am a native speaker from the United States and I was born and raised in New York City. I have decided to study in Poland during my college career to gain an international view of the world. English is an essential language to know since it is used in almost every country. Therefore, it is a pleasure for me to be teaching students and informing them about the English language and the culture that it brings. I love to engage students in various types of activities so that they can practice and use the English language properly.
Children who are willing to discover the English language from a detailed perspective
I believe that English is my asset and I would love to inform and share my language capabilities with others
I would’ve been a translator.
Spending time with my family, having a cup of tea every morning, and exploring nature
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